The Route


Born and raised in Ontario; I consider northern Ontario and the Muskokas some the most beautiful parts of North America east of the Rockies.  From Montreal to Ottawa to Kingston to the GTA and north to Kenora there will be some serious kilometers to tackle in Ontario.

Ontario  - Ottawa, Kingston, GTA, Barrie, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Kenora

Parliament Hill

The centrepiece of Ottawa's downtown.  The political and cultural heart of the city.  I have driven past the hill in a big truck many times.  This time I will be able to get a few photos.

CN Tower

Easily one of Canada's most iconic structures, standing over 1,800 ft high.  I've never visited it before; I am thinking there won't be a better time than on a bike ride.

Muskoka area and Northern Ontario

Like I said; I believe this area to be some of the most beautiful areas east of the Rockies.