About This Epic Adventure

This ride will be completed in two phases.

Phase 1

To bike west across Canada from St John's NL to Edmonton AB.  Promote tree planting and a greener earth through all available news media along the way.  Cycling approximately 8,000 kilometres in five to six months.

Phase 2

Upon reaching Edmonton, AB; fly north to Inuvik, NWT the northern most town accessible by road in Canada and start cycling south to the bottom of the world.  My route is over 46,000 kilometres long and brings me through all 24 countries in North, Central and South America (including the Island of Trinidad).   This phase of the ride should be completed in about two years.  My hope is to share my experiences with as many people possible via social media, blogs, photos and video.  In the future I hope that my video documentation might be turned into some kind of short film/documentary after completion of my ride.

A small note of interest; upon entering Mexico and continuing through Central and South America there will two areas of huge interest that I will actively pursue through all participating countries.  One I will be looking for projects involved in reforestation of rainforest and jungle and then second area of interest will be to visit as many sea turtle nesting site as possible - season permitting (nesting or hatching).

This epic adventure should start in early 2018 or early 2019; last just under three years and have me pedal close to 55,000 kilometres in total distance.